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Offline Brand Agency

We welcome you to sell our products on the physical store, please read the following cooperation instructions carefully before starting cooperation

About the Sales:

1. You will be authorized by Eycobeauty to sell Eycobeauty brand products in your offline specialty stores, physical chain stores, mall stores, beauty salons and other physical stores

2. After obtaining authorization, you have the right to sell Eycobeauty products in various markets around the world

3. You will get all support from Eycobeauty. We will have a one-to-one technical staff to communicate with you in detail

4. We will provide you with our USwarehouse and Chinawarehouse for free to ensure that your supply is stable enough

5. We will also provide you with online product teaching to ensure that you have a sufficient in-depth understanding of the product


Regarding pricing:

1. The selling price of the product may vary according to the price in different regions

2. You will get our purchase price and the suggested retail price in your area

3. Once we find any behavior that disrupts the market with your product price, we will immediately terminate all cooperation with you

4. You have the right to apply for some exclusive discounts, and we will approve and respond to your application


Other conditions:

1. It is not allowed to sell products that do not belong to Eycobeauty in the name of Eycobeauty

2. It is not allowed to sell Eycobeauty products in offline physical stores of yours or anyone eles

3. It is not allowed to sell products at a price lower than the minimum standard we provide

4. It is not allowed to conduct any illegal, deceptive or criminal business activities in the name of Eycobeauty

5. It is not allowed to engage in any political activities or promote religious beliefs in the name of Eycobeauty

6. It is not allowed to disclose any commercial information about Eycobeauty, including but not limited to product purchase prices and upcoming new products and other related information


Violation of any of the above terms, we have the right to bring legal proceedings against you, pursue your criminal responsibility, disclose your bad behavior, terminate cooperation with you, and prohibit you from selling and purchasing any Eycobeauty-related products through any channels