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1. What makes Eycobeauty different from other Beauty & Personal Care brands?

Eycoeauty is a unique company with own factory and laboratory. And the most advanced product design team the personal care industry. We are pioneers and since our establishment, we developed several products that are now indispensable and irreplaceable, the research and development and sales of light therapy masks are the top in the industry. You can be sure that Eycobeauty has the best and newest devices in the Beauty & Personal Care Industry.

2. What kind of devices does Eycobeauty offer?

Eycobeauty has a wide variety of products and devices that range from Facial Cleansing, Wrinkle Remove, Photon Therapy, Eye Care, Hair Growth etc. To learn about our products, please check our webpage - Products Section.

3. Are Eycobeauty Devices safe to use?

After the device development, we did laboratory test and small batch production test for more than 3 months. All products convey with international safety rules.

4. My device is defective. What should I do?

First, please verify the device instruction manual and you will find a Troubleshooting, please verify if your device has one of the mention issues. If the problem is not described in the instruction manual, please contact your local dealer for help or email service@eycobeauty.com 

5. How to use Eycobeauty Devices?

Along with your Eycobeauty device, you will receive an instruction manual where you will be able to learn how to use the device.

6. How can I become Eycobeauty’s global partner?

Please check Agency Page so you can receive further information on how to become Eycobeauty’s Global Partner.

7. How can I get samples of Eycobeauty devices in order to make reviews on my Webpage/Blog/YouTube/Social Media?

If you would like to get samples from us in order to make reviews, please send an email to godfrey@eycobeauty.com 

8. What are Eycobeauty office hours?

We are available in the office from Mondays to Fridays from 9am to 6 pm.

And we are online 24 hours.

9. I am having trouble accessing the webpage. What should I do?

Perhaps the current version of your browser is outdated, please download the latest update and try again. If an updated version doesn’t solve the problem our webpage might be temporarily unavailable, please check the webpage again several minutes later.