Beauty Tips
Principle of Light Therapy

Light therapy machines produce carefully measured levels of ultraviolet light, which is shone onto your whole body or the area of your skin that needs treatment. You’ll usually have light therapy in a hospital or special clinic or with a home-used device . You’ll need to have it two or three times a week, for a couple of months.

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Principle of Radio Frequency

Radio frequency (RF) is the oscillation rate of an alternating electric current or voltage or of a magnetic, electric or electromagnetic field or mechanical system in the frequency range from around 20 kHz to around 300 GHz. This is roughly between the upper limit of audio frequencies and the lower limit of infrared frequencies; 

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Sonic Vibration & Ultrasonic Vibration

Ultrasonication offers great potential in the processing of liquids and slurries, by improving the mixing and chemical reactions in various applications and industries. Ultrasonication generates alternating low-pressure and high-pressure waves in liquids, leading to the formation and violent collapse of small vacuum bubbles. 

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