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Eycobeauty is a Beauty & Personal Care brand that operates under the Eycotech Group. Eycotech is a comprehensive enterprise that encompasses Internet financial investment, education investment, private domain e-commerce brand operation, Tmall, JD e-commerce brand operation, and cross-border e-commerce operation. Established in 2013, the headquarters is located in Shenzhen. Eycotech specializes in the design, research and development, production, sales, and global brand operation of smart beauty instruments. The company aims to build an Internet ecological high-tech enterprise that integrates smart product software and hardware, biotechnology beauty, and big data.

Eycotech follows the development concept of “Beauty Can be Simple,” with technological innovation as its core and user experience as its guide. The company integrates mobile internet technology to create the private domain traffic brand, YULI. In 2020, Eycobeauty collaborated with skin experts from Xiangya Hospital in China. Additionally, optical physics and cosmetic experts from the United States, Japan, Russia, and other countries developed the YULI Skin Intelligent Management and Detection applet for consultants. This applet provides customized scientific skincare solutions and offers more scientific, safe, and practical intelligent beauty products and services to people worldwide.

Eycobeauty has its own brand flagship stores on various e-commerce platforms, including EBAY, Wal-Mart, Amazon, Tmall, and JD. The company has also established product research and development design centers and warehouse logistics centers in California, USA, and Shenzhen, China. These centers are staffed with a research and development team composed of top technical talents from different fields, including domestic and foreign medical beauty experts, senior product industrial designers, software and hardware engineers, and internet experts. With an area of 11,000 square meters, the company’s production and R&D base is home to over 450 employees worldwide.

The product design of Eycobeauty draws inspiration from foreign beauty products while creating its own state-of-the-art skincare innovation brand. The company has advanced research and development concepts and a complete R&D system. By successfully integrating the world’s cutting-edge technology and beauty technology into their products, Eycobeauty ensures that their R&D process utilizes management systems from renowned companies such as Samsung and LG in South Korea. The company adheres to the spirit of excellence, emphasizing meticulousness and perfection. Through years of professional research, exploration, testing, and practical inspection, Eycobeauty has successfully created a series of smart beauty equipment products that are popular overseas. These include AI smart anti-wrinkle facial mask devices, AI smart wrinkle-removing heat Maggie radio frequency devices, AI smart phototherapy beauty devices, and various smart skin detectors.

How does it work?

1. Send an email to admin@eycobeauty.com to express your willingness to cooperate

2. We will send you a form and fill it out to introduce the current situation of your company please

3. Choose the product you want to OEM or ODM

4. Communicate order details with our professional customer service

5. Eycobeauty will send you a quotation and lead time according to your quantity requirements

6. Confirm the price and pay the deposit

7. Sample production

8. After the sample production is completed, the video will be sent or the sample will be sent to you for confirmation

9. Communicate details and confirm that the samples can be mass-produced

10. Start mass production, and will send you production photos or videos for your confirmation during the production process

11. After the production is completed, we will inspect all products and inspect at least 3 times

12. Send you a video to inform you that all goods have been produced

13. After confirming that the production is completed, you need to pay the final balance

14. We will contact the logistics to transport your goods or you will arrange for a logistics company to pick up the goods from our Chinese factory

What We Offers?

1. Dropshipping service, we will help you ship to every customer

2. Free use of our US warehouse and China warehouse

3. We have sufficient IC and chips to provide you with a guarantee of supply

4. We can introduce logistics providers to you

5. We can help you print your logo on our products, customize the manual, product packaging, and all the accessories you need

6. We can design products for you, including but not limited to product drawings, 3D proofing, mold development, etc.

7. When your monthly sales are stable and considerable, we can provide you with financial support to help you stock up and reduce your stress

8. Whether it is a big seller or a person who has just started a business, we welcome you to join us and are willing to promote your own brand with you

9. We welcome customers of e-commerce platform very much, we will provide you with the best quality service and preferential prices

For more details, please contact hello@eycobeauty.com